# Quickstart

# Step 1: Click here to get a copy of the Base Content (opens new window)

You'll see a screen asking if you want to "Copy document". Click Make a copy (opens new window)

Some Alt Text Link to the base content (read only) (opens new window)

Click the "Share" button and change the sharing persmissions to "Anyone with the link." (You need to do this so The Zone has access to the spreadsheet)

Some Alt Text

# Step 3: Make some tweaks!

  • Go to the Setup tab
  • Change the value next to modName to My First Mod
  • Grab one of the example themes and paste it under the #COLOR THEME section (in this gif I grab the aquatic theme)

Some Alt Text

Wondering if you did it correctly? Here is a spreadsheet (opens new window) with these changes applied.

# Step 4: Load your mod

  • Go to play.thezonerpg.com (opens new window) to create a new game (if you haven't already)
  • Click Load a mod to open that panel
  • Get the url for your spreadsheet, paste it into the input, and click load
  • After a few seconds you should see the mod load in

Some Alt Text

# Step 5: You did it!

Some Alt Text


  • When you change the spreadsheet, changes will only be reflected if you manually hit "Load Mod" again

# TIP: Customizing the color theme

You can tweak the colors live in the game by opening the CONSOLE

Some Alt Text

# TIP: Navigating through the game

You will need to click back and forth through the game to see the changes that were made. The best way is to click through it by starting a new game and going through it, but this doesn't let you backtrack.

If you need to backtrack, open the Debug menu (Click the "DEBUG") button at the bottom, and use this dropdown menu to navigate through every scene in the game

Some Alt Text

If anything weird happens (which it can!), start by clicking "RESET TURN". If that doesn't fix your issue, you might have to RESET GAME and reload the mod.

You can also navigate around the game using the debug console.

Some Alt Text