# Welcome!

# Hello folks! Glad you're here! This is a guide to some of the most frequently asked questions by players of The Zone (opens new window).

Got any questions not covered here?


"This is just a stub for now, but I wanted to get it started so there was a good reference to check in on the rules during the game. Stay tuned for more!" —Raph

# Press, Podcasts & Streamers

# Check out the Press Kit (opens new window)

There is a press kit for you, with tons of game assets including assets & logos to use in stream overlays. Please let me know if there's anything in there you need.


# Who can do moves? Everyone!

Any player can use the moves at any time—not just the Director!

# The Director controls the Start & End of each scene

During the scene itself they should aim to facilitate: keep things moving, ask questions, act as a tiebreaker if needed.

# Aim for at least one NOT SO EASY per scene

(That's for the whole group, not one for each player)

# TAKE STOCK is a great way to set up a scene

During the scene, SOMETHING'S NOT RIGHT is great for ratcheting up the action.

# How many scenes to do in each location?

If you want to keep the game closer to 2 hours, do one scene per location. Most groups do two or three scenes per location before the Boundary, then only one scene in each of the locations afterwards. More on this here

# Does the game save our progress?

Yes! This is automatic and happens as you go. You can quit and come back at any time without having to do anything at all (as long as you have the link or game code of course)